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Hi, I am 26 y/o and I was diagnosed with pcos officially last year. Prior to this I have always been on ocp due to irregular very bad periods acne and hirsutusm. At one stage I'd went nine months with no period while not on ocp. In April this year I came off as I am tired of the affects it has on me, depression, moods and I was hysterically happy when on June 9th I got a period. Since though I've not had another my skin is good and I deal with the hair lol regular ronny waxing etc 🙈 Can anyone advise in regards to whether or not herbal solutions worked for them. I eat a healthy diet I am not over weight , I was in my teens however I've in recent years got control of it and my doctor was delighted with my turn around . Any advice will be much appreciated. Also since coming off ocp having regular unprotected intercourses but I've tested and all negative , I'm not trying but at same time I'm not not trying I don't mind what happens in my eyes a baby would be a wonderful gift 

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