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I was looking for some positive stories post hydrosalpinx. I was diagnosed with chlamydia in April took Azithromycin boom thought it was gone, then had some pelvic pain and discharge and found it was indeed not.  I then took doxycycline. I had a recheck to make sure the chlamydia was gone and it was . I still have some pelvic pain and also have had some funky short, some brown blood periods. I recently had an transvaginal and pelvic ultrasound both of which came back normal. No evidence of fluid in my pelvis. I'm scared I could have hydrosalpinx and that I wasn't treated for PID, as the doctors insisted I did not have (no severe pain or fever.) I'm desperately hoping to be a mother someday. Thank you all for our help.


  • Hi @rrn41

    Sorry to know that..

    I have no idea what it could be. Have you asked for a second opinion? Maybe another doctor can give you some answers.

    Don't give up on your dream of being a mother. I'm sure your case has a solution.

    Wishing you the best x

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