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Could I maybe be pregnant still? .. Thoughts please ?:(

For the past year and a half my partner and I have wanted to try for a baby, however we've had a few issues as my partner has issues keeping or getting an erection, we have now been to the hospital about this and the consultant thinks he needs a circumcision as the foreskin is too tight and causing him pain... Anyway that's a whole different story. 
So last week we managed to kind of have sex .. By kind of I mean it was literally a minute if that as it was too sore for him. Obviously I didn't expect to get pregnant from this plus I was due my period just a couple of days ago so the ovulating time didn't work out , however my period still hasn't came , I'm 4 days late and I know I'm probably just wishful thinking , I've taken 2 first response tests , both negative , is their any chance I could be or am I just a late period ? I don't feel like I'm getting a period however I also don't feel like I could be pregnant ? ...


  • Ovulation happens 2 weeks before your period is due so if you hadnt ovulated when you had sex then it's unlikely 

  • What Fly said. 

    And also,  you never know. Unless your cycles are ultra on time every single time... Would say 4 days late & a negative...  You could repeat the test in next 4 days time. But is still negative then sorry.  

    Sorry that you are having a hard time TTC. A circumcision might be a great choice. My partner had it done year ago and gave it a big change. You would just need to give him a proper time to heal, notice anything badxstrange going on during that time. Last thing you would want for him is an infection and prolonged waiting time to get back in ttc business. 

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