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PCOS, Clomid and confusing results


I have PCOS and I have been on two rounds of Clomid 100mg, to help me ovulate.

I never ovulate naturally and I can go 1 year without a single period...

On both rounds, the follicules tracking (scan) showed that the follicules were far too small to be ovulated (day 14 of the cycle) and that progesterone levels were extremely low at 1 (instead of 21) on day 21 of the cycle.

So I decided to have a break and go on holidays for 3 days...

I have done 2 pregnancy tests this Sunday and both came positive !!! I can't believe that I am pregnant given the small follicles and low progesterone... 

The pregnancy test said that I conceived 2-3 weeks ago, approximately on day 40 since my last period. This means 39 days after I started Clomid...

Has anyone been in a similar situation? 

Does this mean that I ovulated naturally? 

How can I confirm the pregnancy while waiting for the first scan? Just wait and see if I get a big belly? :-)

Oh and I have sore breasts.


  • Congrats!  maybe because you are not regular the Clomid and timing helped.

    I'm taking my first dose of 100mg of Clomid so fingers crossed.  But also an IUI

  • To confirm a pregnancy you should see your doctor who will do a blood test. If you have got positives on a digital saying 2-3 weeks then it sounds like you are. The minute you have a pos test you should register with your doctor who will refer you to a midwife. If it's your first then your not likely to start showing until at least 3-4 months gone. 

  • I just finished my first cycle of Clomid! This gives me high hopes, congratulations on your bundle!! 👶

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