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43 Year Old on 100mg Clomid/IUI

Hi everyone!!:)

So my boyfriend and I tried to conceive for over a year and couldn't naturally so due to my age (43) we decided to meet with a fertility Dr.  He was very honest and said due to your age we will most likely recommend IVF but let's do a the tests.  I asked about Clomid and IUI and he said back then probably not due to my age and quality of eggs. So I had the blood work to test my eggs, the internal with iodine to check my tubes and everything came back perfect and even a surprising 3.11 AMH which my Dr said is pretty rare in a woman of my age.  But he did tell me the quality of my eggs due toy age is still a big factor:(.  My boyfriend was then tested and other than maybe slightly low everything was normal.  So the Dr said let's go ahead and try the IUI with Clomid:)))))).  He has prescribed me 100mg for the 5 days and then the ultra sound next week and hopefully the IUI as long as I produce enough follicles.  Please also note my periods are very regular and I ovulate no problem every month.  Any other success stories in older women, comments, thoughts?  All very much appreciated as I'm excited and terrified at the same time.


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