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Pregnant, miscarriage or just period?

I'm 19 yrs old and I thought I was pregnant ! Me and my bf always get it down every single day we see each other and no protection and that's been going on for almost a year, last year I was on pills (plan b) and the pills messed me up so bad I had to stop! I would get my period twice a month but anyways i got my period on the july 23 and in aug I didn't get my period at all I was cramping on the day I was suppose to get my period I was moody and all type of symptoms telling me that I was about to get my period but then it never came but then the next month I started bleeding heavy ! At the first 2 days it was just little spottings and now it's getting heavy and worse i even started throwing up it got bad that I have to take painkillers,y temperature dropped and I was shaking non stop that's why I had to take some meds. I don't know what's wrong with me and Ive been lookin up my symptoms 

could I be pregnant or is it just normal

to miss one month of period or am I miscarrying or do i have something wrong with my insides ? If somebody can please help me 


  • Firstly yes there's a chance , and a high temperature with heavy bleedinh and cramps could mean etopic pregnancy so I suggest u seek medical attention asap as left untreated can be fatal. 

    Secondly if you're not planning a pregnancy  then having unprotected sex every day is just plain stupid so if the pill doesn't suit u go see your doctor and have them put u on an alternative form of contraception.  This is why we have condoms. If u can't afford them on a regular basis then here's a reality check. ... a baby will cost u thousands and thousands of pounds. A packet of condoms £5. so maybe ask the GP for some condoms or buy some. Failing that, quit having unprotected sex. A baby is for life... a baby IS a life 

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