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Pcos and opk problems?


Hi I've pcos and I've been on and off with the cheap opk tests,but this month I've used them everyday,I thought I had my 'ov' just over a week ago now I think but for the past few days they've been strong again,is this a common thing with opks and pcos? I've never had it before so just wondering if and pcos sufferers have the same probkem really  

this is today's test 


  • Hi. 

    I am exactly the same. No idea what the answer is but I'm in the same boat. 

    i think if you use them and get some bloods done at various points in your cycle you can see if it lines up? Checking cm can also help paint a clearer picture but I have found I can't really rely on either two things. I'm about to start temping to see if that helps me work it out 

  • Hi! 

    Ive had this problem - I put it down to PCOS causing ovulation surges that aren't successful and a lot of PCOS suffers also have high LH levels which can also cause false positive OPKs. 

    Unfortuantely in general this is why they aren't recommended for PCOS sufferers 😓 

    Are you taking them at the same time everyday? Are you checking CM or temping at the same time to help confirm ovulation? I'd recommend that to help! 

    Of course there is also the fact that OPKs can also be pos with pregnancy so it could be that you did ovulate a week ago and this is picking it up really early! Fingers crossed it's that. 

    Id take a HPT day period is due as well! 

  • Hi,they've gone blank now,but my boobs are so painful and have been for a week,I've taken a couple of clear blues and they have a faint line that seems to come up straight away but I used a Lloyds test today and nothing,so I'm just worried my hormones are going hay wire?

    but I don't get painful boobs usually  that's what made me test,can't get to the drs till fri next week either lol

    i no idea when my period will be as my cycles are irregular xx

  • Ok, so maybe you've ovulated more re which is why your boobs hurt? Mine hurt, especially my nipples, when I do actually ovulate.. 

    It could be that your pregnant but just much earlier than you think - when did they go blank? 

    It could also be your hormones going crazy, unfortunately that's the pain of living with PCOS... I seem to be on a never ending ovulation cycle at the moment myself! The only way to know for sure would be a blood test. 

    How long have you been TTC? Have you seen your GP at all about it yet? :) 

  • HI,opks we're positive on the 9th again then faded n stayed faded since,

    yes ive been the drs seen a gyny but was told to wait a year n half then go back,I had my bloods done around 4 months ago n all seemed well,

    if this is a new symptom of pcos or af its rather annoying lol there so painfull

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