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Miscarriage and feeling down


It's been a little while since I had my most recent miscarriage back in Feb at 6 weeks. It was a very painful time and I decided to let my body do it fully natural, unfortunately it all happened whilst on shift at work. So I felt like I was isolated during this time in regards with who knew.

I've had no one to talk to besides my partner but I just can't seem to feel any better, does anyone have any tips for what to do? 

I feel like my body and mind want a baby more than anything since this loss 


  • I'm so sorry this happened to you Shoelover. 

    I wish there was more advice I could give you other than let yourself grieve your loss. It doesn't matter how long you need, it is harder when you cant speak about it and don't feel like you can discuss it openly to help you heal. 

    I understand your feustrations with wanted a baby and I can imagine that experiencing a loss can only make that feeling more intense. 

    Have you visited your GP to rule out any issues to avoid having to experience it again? E.g low progesterone

    Have your periods returned normally since? 

    Take care of yourself 

  • It is sad to read what happened to you. I personally have never had a misscarriage, but I can imagine the pain and suffering you must feel. There are ways how to deal with grief. Well, I can tell you to talk to a shrink or to a priest, but actually there is no real good advice anybody can give you. You have to pass through the grieving period of your life. Try to do what relaxes you, try to focus on what makes you feel good, whatever it is. If you are able to travel, to change atmosphere, than do it. Travel alone, take some time for yourself, your partner should understand. You have to find peace within you, and the only way do find peace is to find yourself again, reconnect with yourself. I hope this helps. Good luck. 

  • Shoelover, I feel your pain! It's all I think about, and every period depresses me even more. I found out my babys top half of the head hadent developed at my 12 weeks scan and had to give birth at 14 weeks 27th December 16, been trying since Feb. 

    My friend had an issue where her uterus shed too early and her pregnancies kept failing. She wore a patch which increased the correct levels to stop this. Which she wore everyday until she was over 12 weeks I'm happy to say she's now 26weeks.

    Go to the doctors and ask for help. I'm booked in 2weeks. Let me know how you get on. Fingers crossed for you

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