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Miserable with PCOS

Hi everyone

This is my first post, just looking for some support/other people in a similar situation.. it's quite long so please bare with me!

I have PCOS - I was diagnosed at 17 after an ultrasound/blood test and struggling with hirsutism, acne, irregular, painful and heavy periods and stubborn belly fat, although I'm not overweight (anymore) and am naturally lean.

It never bothered me before TTC and I happily took whatever BCP I was offered in hopes of getting rid of my acne/lessening my body hair. It worked, but it also made me put on a lot of weight and inflamed my depressive nature. 

I then tried metformin, exercise and weight loss - it brought back my non-exsistant periods but made my hirsutism worse And I couldn't live with the sickness anymore. 

I then ended up on ADs - gained so much weight and developed facial hair. 

1.5 years later I stopped the ADs, lost the weight, kept the facial hair, lost my fairly regular periods (at least every 2 months), lost the acne...

It's been 18 months since I stopped them and I've only had 4 periods which is unusual for me so I know the ADs unbalanced something and has made my situation worse. 

I am now TTC and am becoming more and more desperate without periods. 

I want to try everything naturally I can before hormones/Clomid because of my reactions to BCP etc so I'm currently taking Vitex and Maca, exercising regularly and am working on cutting out sugar and caffeine from my already healthy diet. 

How can I kick start my cycles again? 


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