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recently had hormone test done at doctors and iv been told I have low oestrogen levels and could be starting early menopause I’m 25, already have a beautiful 2 year old boy but would love another has anyone experienced the same and managed to get pregnant? I would appreciate any advice and experiences,

thanks x


  • It is true that estrogenic plays a vital role in the female body. It is responsible for sexual development and controls the growth of the uterus during menstruation. At 25, I believe you are still young, and you need to go for check-ups to establish why the level is declining. You are just past the teenage age where estrogen plays a critical role in bringing about changes in breasts. So I really don’t subscribe to the idea that you are about to reach menopause at 25. I have had cases of early menopause in the 30s, but I have not had about menopause in mid-20s. So, my dear, I think you just need to consult a dietician to suggest to you the right type of foods you can eat to help restore your hormones. This way you will restore the normal functioning of your body.

  • Wow! So early to enter menopause? It can´t be, you are too young. Well, I think you should put more attention to the other organ of yours. You should check your thyroide. After all, thyroide is responsible for all the hormons in your body, to put it simple. I had mine removed, because it was maligne. Luckily, it didn´t reach the stage of cancerogene. But I had it removed anyway. I had to be on hormonal therapy till the rest of my life. Have yourself thouroughly checked because your lack of hormones could be connected to your thyroide. Just, have yourself checked thouroughly, just to make sure. 

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