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When to announce a pregnancy after dealing with infertility


I just wanted everyone's in put when to announce a pregnancy after trying for so long to conceive and when everyone knows you have been dealing with infertility the whole time?

I am currently not pregnant, but i have been trying to conceive for 19 months, I am not trying to get my hopes up, but their is now a light at the end of the tunnel for this long road we have been down, so i am getting anxious.

But when the day comes with the BFP Blood Test, i wanted everyone's input.

I know people say to wait 12 weeks to prevent miscarriage, but i have put it out publicly about my infertility journey, i am not ashamed, and i want people to realize infertility is a real physically/mentally such a hard experience to go through.

But when the day comes when i am actually pregnant, i don't know how long i will be able to keep it a secret. I have so many people rooting on my husband and i.

Can i have your opinions or past announcement experiences?


  • You know what? Go for it! You won´t put any jinx on the pregnancy if you announce it. Just do it, simply tell everyone when, not if, that moment comes. I don´t understand why should anyone be ashamed of it? If I get pregnant, I would jump to the roof out of happiness. So, my advice would be, announce it. And celebrate the good news with your loved ones. It is a good start, to have a party celebrating the new life in coming, right?

  • I agree. Crossing my fingers it happens soon 🤞🏼

  • Hi Bjs9738,
    I would still recommend that you wait until week 12 before you go public that you have conceived. The reason for this is that it easier for women to miscarry under 12 weeks than carry the pregnancy to full term. Only after 12 weeks will the embryo be fully attached to the uterus. It reduces instances of miscarrying. I know how tedious the journey to conceiving is and that one is naturally going to get excited at the thought that she will be delivering soon. However, it is advisable to take your time. You see it would be awkward to go public about your pregnancy only to miscarry it a few days after you go public. In fact, most women who go public that early hardly carry the pregnancy to full term. So my dear doesn't be in a hurry.

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