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Hope you're all okay!

This is my first post, after being a reader for months on this site.

I need some positive stories as i'm slowly losing hope!

I was diagnosed with PCOS when i was 20 (now 22) and have been struggling with it ever since! I have been with my BF for x3 years and we are not trying for a baby but we are not not trying for a baby, if that makes sense.

Im very irregular and have tried numerous things but nothing has worked. I am currently taking Metformin but nothing as of yet. Has this worked for anyone get pregnant, sorting symptoms, regulating periods?

The last week or so i have been feeling sick in the morning and evenings, i've been getting headaches. Not been eating as much. Had no period since taking the Metformin. Im guessing that these symptoms are those of the Metformin?

The mental strain of all this is horrible, not knowing if i will be able to have kids is sometimes unbearable. I've always wanted kids. It truly is heartbreaking.

If you have any advice or stories, please share


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