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hi all this is my first long post...

i have recently found out I am pregnant, apparently I'm 5 weeks today. I woke up this morning to find a little spot of blood in my knickers (sorry tmi) as I went to the toilet and cleaned up there was a small patch of blood on the tissue.I have had very light cramping, as the day has gone on it's now changed to brown Blood and has got signifanctly lighter in flow, I have a pad on currently to judge the amount of blood but nothing as yet. 

Just wanted to hear your implantation stories, I understand every women and pregnancy is different just really worried as it's never happened to me before. TIA x


  • If you want my advice go to the doctor , could And most likely is nothing but it isn't worth the risk that was the reason I went in and had my baby early just a simple spotting of blood but is worth getting checked out and if possible see your midwife do not listen if they try to tell u its nothing get checked out

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