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Am I pregnant?


Iv never posted on here so please be nice as I am so stressed. 

I'm not on any current birth control as my gp said it was messing with my body and it needed a break so myself and my partner just use condoms and have never had any problems. I was due my period 05/09 and it never came which is unusual for me as I'm regular. I have been under allot of stress recently with a borderline cervival screening result and been in and out of hospital it's been a nightmare! Myself and my partner after a drunken night had unprotected sex on the 18/09 and I still havnt had my period but have had period like pains for over a week. Is it possible we could have conceived on this date? We did a PT on 13/09 to make sure it hadn't happened before this date and it was negative as expected. I'm so stressed out which I know won't help me period come but wondered if anyone had been through anything similar?

Any advice would be appreciated :)

Mel x


  • So you were due for a period on sept 5th & that never came but you had a negative test on sept 13th so prior to that it sounds like it could be stress that is causing your cycles to get messed up as if you were 8 days late & pregnant you would've got a positive test. 

    as to whether you conceived on sept 18th... it's possible but given that you have no idea when you ovulated (which would usually be about 14days before an expected period) you don't know if you were fertile at the time you had unprotected sexual. So the only way to know is to take a pregnancy test. Sperm can live for around 5 days so at the outside limit let's say you ovulated & conceived 5 days after unprotected sex... that would be sept 23rd... if that's the case you need to wait 14 days past this before taking a test..... so wait until oct 7th & if your period still hasn't come then take a test.

  • Thank you so much for your reply!

    Yeah I keep putting it down to stress but it not coming is making me more stressed.. loose loose. 

    I will take a PT on 7th but im hoping my period will have been by then. Hopefully then can get back on track..

  • For sure it is stress. Once I went through a stressful situation. I was due to have a period and I was late. The last thing I needed at that moment to be pregnant. Like 10 days before I had an unprotected sex with a guy I knew. And during the difficult situation came this. I can´t say how much it added to stress thinking how I got pregnant. So I understand your preocupation. Keep us posted did you get it finally. I really don´t want you to go through this.

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