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I have EWCM for weeks on end.. am I ever ovulating?

Hi all

I have PCOS and haven't had a period since June (when I had 2).. I have had EWCM pretty much ever since then.  Does anyone know why or how I can attempt to even it out naturally? 

I was taking AD's for nearly 2 years and ever since my cycles have been crazy.  I did hear that they can mess up cycles but I stopped them in May 2016.. 

I have my first referral to the Fertility Clinic in the works but any advice in the meantime would be appreciated.. I'm terrified I'm infertile as I can't seem to make heads or tails of my cycles whatsoever. 

P.s. I'm also taking 1ml Vitex and 2 tsp of Maca every morning.  

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