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Low sperm motility

TTC 10 months - found out low motility sperm

Any advice / similar stories appreciated 

Husband found out today that motility of sperm is on low side which could explain why it's not happening for us. However, it showed good quality and healthy sperm and NOT a low count. Next step is to test again just to check it wasn't just a 'bad day'. If the same again it may be IVF route doc says. 

However I wonder if anyone else has had this and managed to improve motility themselves ? Husband is going to stop drinking alcohol to help, but otherwise he's a very healthy person. 
May sound silly but would it help get them swimming faster by doing anything specific after sex?!! Eg shoulder stand! . any tips or advice would be great. 



  • Vitamin c and zinc  are said to stop sperm clumping and increase motility (but remember any changes to diet/lifestyle take at least three months before they have an effect on your body)

  • Thank you :) 

  • You mentioned alcohol. Well, not only it damages your husband´s health, it hurts on other levels too. Alcohol is well known cause of men fertility issues. He has to stop drinking immediately! He can´t drink not even a beer after lunch. A known facts is that liquor affects mens' sperm in a huge amount. Also, change of diet helps. For example, I have read that bananas and pineapple are good for the quality of the sperm, it is not only all  about the motility. How is the viscosity of his sperm?

  • Hi Diana thank you for your reply.

    My husband doesn't drink that much in all honesty, never in the week, only at weekends when we may have a night out. He's feeling guilty though and said he's going to stop completely. He doesn't smoke anymore but does regularly use an ecigerette which I'm worried about, as there's not much research on!

    We've also both started taking pregnacare. 

    Everything else in the sperm test came back normal/above - no other concerns.

    Annoying as earliest 2nd sperm test he's been told is 4th Dec :( 


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