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Don’t have PCOS and still not getting pregnant

Hello all, 

So me and my husband have been ttc for over two years now and nothings happened I have a son from a previous relationship 8years ago, and now nothing is happening, he has had a sperm count and all normal, I today have been for a external and internal ultrasound as the doctor thought I had pcos (I have hair on my chin, very short periods, weight issues) and they said that I have the all clear and that I don’t have them, Iv had full blood tests and all come back clear? 

Has anyone else had the same thing if so what might my next step be? 

Thank you for reading and hopefilly someone replys xx


  • Hi Toni, i know how you feel. I haven't got any kids but my partner has. We got pg 2 and half years ago but ended in a mc then it took us 2 years to conceive again but ended in a mc again now i'm wondering when we're going to conceive again. We've had tests done and came back fine. I honestly don't understand image x

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