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Spotting from ovulation until AF

Hi everyone,

I'm just looking for abit of advice please. I came off the pill a year ago to ttc our first baby. My cycles have been abit all over the place but the past few months they seem to improving.

I've been to the doctor who sent me for a blood test and a scan which all came back normal. So I decided to try using OPK's again as in the past they never came up positive and it was getting me down.

Anyway.. I started testing with OPKs just after my last AF and got a very positive OPK on CD21 and then on CD22 I got up and went to the toilet in the morning and there was abit of bright red blood on the tissue (sorry for the tmi) and my OPKs were negative from then on. I thought I was having a really early period and was pretty gutted but I didn't bleed any more that day. But over the next week I had light brown spotting every day. It stopped for a couple of days and then my AF started (12 days after the positive OPK)

Has anyone else experienced this? is it a sign of annovulation or something else?

After ttc for a year I'm getting quite worried that nothing seems to be happening :( xx

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