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Overweight and Soy Isoflavones - any success?

Hi all!

This is my second time posting although I am a long time lurker. I have been TTC for a year and a half and now awaiting results for SO sperm count before being referred to NHS fertility clinic.

I have regular periods, LH surge/positive OPK however 21 bloods suggest I am not ovulating. Scans show there is nothing wrong.

My GP advised that the clinic would probably put me on clomid but I know my BMI is too high for them to prescribe me this.

I wanted to know if anyone had any success with soy while having a BMI over 35? I am healthy and do exercise but have always been a 'big' girl.

This will be my 3rd cycle with Soy and all the success stories I have read people have conceived like in the first 2 months of using it so I need a pick me up.

I also know I need to lose weight but this has been a decades long battle so not to come across rude or not wanting advise but please no excessive comments on losing weight, I understand the risks and that everyone is different but would just like to hear any success stories because a little hope can't hurt image


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