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Opinon on my situation

 Me and my boyfriend are trying to conceive when he was younger he had cancer and had one of his testicles removed and his mom said he should be fine but I am scared due to the treatment he had to have to get rid of it he is taking pills to boost his sperm I really don’t know what I should do we have only been trying to conceive for two months but I’m scared That we may not be able to at all


  • Hi!
    I assume he had the cancer of his testicals. Did he check his spermatogram? I have heard that men can stay fertile after the cancer. Did he had only radiation treatment or chemo too? It makes a big difference. It is not necessarily his problem, regarding fertility. Have you checked yourself too? Also, it could be that you both are not compactible for having a child. I mean, could you give us some more details?

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