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Hello me and my partners been trying to concieve for 2 years went doctors had bloods done they came back fine so went for a Scan they came out clear Ovaries are working I’m ovulating and my tubes aren’t blocked.

but they said I have a bicornuate (heart shaped uterus) they said it shouldnt stop me from conceveing but the problem is my partner got checked his all fine there’s nothing wrong with him were gonna be refered to a specialist.

have anyone had the same problem I just feel like I’m losing hope 😭😭😭 I see people with children and i literally breaks my heart as I keep thinking im never gonna be a mummy 😞


  • Don´t feel that bad. It is good to read that you and your partner are fine, that you had yourselves thoroughly checked. It just doesn´t happen sometimes. It is not a reason to be desperate! Try to make an ovulating schedule with your gynocologist. Then, it is up to you two to follow that schedule and work hard on your baby. It should be stress free. Don´t go crazy in your head and force yourself. Just, enjoy making baby and it will come, I know it.

  • Hi, Elle8787image

    I heard about this problem early, because i faced with this one. I also have the tilted uterus. My doctor told me about this and explained that it could be a problem in getting pregnant. I read many articles after this visiting. In the case where pathology is not especially pronounced, reflecting the anatomical features of an organism, conception problems should not be. But my mum said she also had one of this problem. So, for me it was the pathalogy problem. If the pathology expressed strongly enough, it forms a mechanical obstacle to sperm to penetrate the egg in her inflection. It is possible for pregnancy with tilted uterus, if you try the suitable posture. The best for this are the knee-elbow posture. In this position, the semen will be easier to penetrate into the uterus. You can also use position side by side. Maybe you didn't use some useful of them.  And after sex I was laying on the stomach for 5-10 minutes, so the sperm was able to enter the uterine cavity. 

    I hope that some of my advices will help you. Good luck!

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