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Help me please to conceive

Hello can someone help me please i trying to conceive of been taking the ovulation teat but I'm very confused I had my implant put 3 weeks ago to try for a baby but nothing no period of had unprotected sex a lot of time I'm just worried please help !


  • Well, your post is confusing. To be honest, I didn´t understand it really. Do you have an implant or are you trying to conceive the natural way? Have you been bleeding? If you did, could be you lost your implant too. You should go to the doctor and have yourself checked. That is the best solution, and not asking here for help.

  • Hello. I agree with Diana. I'm not sure what your situation is. So, giving any advice right now might not be a good idea. Do visit an OB. That would shed some light on the matter. Good luck!

  • Hi,! You are worrying unnecessarily and worrying too much. 3 weeks is a very small time span for conceiving after your treatment. Please be patient and hope for the best as these things take a bit more time. Even the healthier couples take 16 to 18 months to conceive. It is better to know when you ovulate. It will help you a lot.

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