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Painful sex

Hi there,

Im new to the forum! I came off the pill back in August and had my withdrawal bleed on the 16th as usual then had a proper period on 25th september! Haven’t had a period in October yet (if at all)?

Last week when me and my partner had intercourse and he went in deep (sorry tmi) i had a really bad pain in my stomach, whenever he didn’t go in fully it was fine. The pain lasted a week and my lower stomach just below my belly button was tender to touch and so was my ovaries - could barely walk!

Me and my partner attempted sex again last night and it still hurt when he was in fully but thankfully no pain afterwards!

Has anyone suffered from this after coming off the pill? I’m worried its something serious as it’s never happened before nor when I first came off the pill!

Desperate for a baby but sex is unbearable atm 


  • Hey, 

    I had this when I had my implant removed. It is best to speak to a Dr though as it turned out that I had cylmidia so it's worth checking and I had no other symptoms other then that. I still have it on the odd day now but it is just if he go to deep, so I think just take it carefully and go speak to a Dr about it 😊 Good luck x

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