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I ovulated after my CD21 blood test 😕

Hey everyone 👋

I've been ttc for a year now and I went to see my doctor about 4 months ago because my cycles have been all over the place. I had a blood test and scan which both came back fine. I went back to see the doctor and she told me she would refer me to a specialist but wanted to do a CD21 blood test first. I've never had a positive OPK and not started bleeding the day after so I figured I might not be ovulating and she wanted to check.

I told my doctor that the previous month I'd gotten a positive OPK on CD21 followed by a week of spotting and then my AF came on CD32. So she said to have my "CD21" progesterone blood test on CD24. Which I did and then in typical fashion on CD25 and 26 I got blazing positive OPKS and ewcm (for the first time ever) and I'm now on CD30 with no bleeding so far (get in there).

I'm just wondering if anyone else has ovulated after their CD21 blood test? Will I have to repeat it because it's always a guess when my AF will come (it's been anywhere from 29 to 46 days) and I was really hoping to be refered soon so waiting another month or 2 isn't very appealing. 

I'm guessing if I ovulated after the blood test that it will say that my progesterone is really low and that I didn't ovulate? I feel like my body is doing things just to annoy me lol 

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