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Need advice on next steps...

Hi, I would really appreciate some advice on my situation:

We have been trying for a few months - I realise that in the scheme of things that isn't very long however ever since we decided to try my cycle has become very irregular. So I am worried if this is a sign there is something wrong. 

I don't have much data but since stopping the pill I had three normal cycles of an average 34 days - as soon as we decided to try everything has gone haywire - has anyone else experienced this type of thing?

My cycle since has been 43, 53 and then 51 days - For the last cycle we tried a home ovulation kit however it didn't register anything other than one day at high - then when starting a new cycle it just says it isn't designed to work for cycles longer than 42 days. 

I don't know if I (we) should go to a doctor or  if we should just wait and see if it returns to normal by itself?

Thanks for reading all of this :)

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