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PCOS & Insulin Resistance in women.. Scared and worried!

Hi all! Sorry for the long explanation but I'm kind of worried and freaking out.

I recently got married and my husband and I have off and on been talking about having kids. From a young age (around 13 or 14) my mom and doctors suspected I have PCOS and insulin resistance. I was officially diagnosed at age 17 after having to undergo surgery to remove a cyst from the inside of my left ovary. Being so young I never really thought about it except for the dieting nightmare that has been my life for the passed 8ish years. I didn't think about it much until the last couple of months since my period has been totally out of whack. I missed my period in November (was supposed to start Nov 5th). But didn't think about it since it's not odd for me to miss a month on the pill. The day after Thanksgiving I started cramping really bad and my back started hurting and I had light bleeding. I didn't really think about it and kept taking my birth control pills like normal. Then on Saturday (Dec 2nd) I started bleeding really heavily, now to the point three days later where I'm going through about 1 tampon every hour to hour and a half. My cramps are super bad and come and go in waves. 

I guess with all of this happening it started worrying me regarding fertility. I have been doing some research and saw that it affects fertility and sometimes women aren't able to conceive at all? I also saw that it increases the rate of miscarriage. I am already on Metformin for the insulin resistance. But am curious if there are any women out there in my same predicament that were able to conceive naturally without help or quickly on Metformin and Clomid? I am a plus size woman, always have been even since I was a little kid. I am constantly trying to diet and am doing fairly while right now maintaining my weight (but still not at a BMI that makes my doc happy). Any support or answers/stories would be great! I am super nervous and honestly kind of an emotional wreck. I've always wanted a huge family and my husband wants kids super bad too! I am almost 21 and can't imagine not being able to have kids :( I know adoption and IVF are always a possibility and I'd love to adopt anyways... But I'd love to be able to experience being pregnant and having my own baby.. 

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