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Just as the title states....

I am confused. I ovulated, slept with my husband twice, should be pregnant, but had two spotting episodes in 3 days followed by heavy bleeding with small clots. Called my doc, cervix is not low, so no period. Doc told me to wait a week to take hpt again. What is going on?  Anyone in the same boat as me? I am 19dpo


  • I am going through the same thing.  Except I'm 12dpo.  My doctor asked me if there is any stress going on in my life (more than normal) ie: financial, relationship, health.  Told me to wait another week and then test again.  If still negative then to come in and they will do blood work.  He said sometimes it can take longer for our bodies to produce enough hcg for a hpt to show because every pregnancy is different.  Please let me know what happens and I'll do the same with you. 

  • i had the same thing happen i was sure it was just my period but 9 months later im the mommy to a beautiful little boy!! it was actually implantation bleeding!

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