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Symptoms confused

Please help 

last month straight after ovulation to the day my boobs killed lumpy and hurt to touch . 

i thought i was pregnant but no I wasn’t must of been my mind playing a trick on me, and to add to the mix I have 2 faint but very clear positive ... must of be faultily but my period came dead when it was meant to - I tested early  very regula. 

fast forward to this month I’m past ovulation - I’m due on , on the 21st dec .

This month my boobs don’t hurt at all but are very heavy ??? Am I looking too much into it . 

Thinking now that boob pain is sign I didn’t conceive because I normally have slight boob pain .. 

also to add the coil was taken out if I dont bleed on the 21st would be the 3rd period . 

Any ones help had the same thing happen stressing 

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