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TTC with irregular cycles and no help from docs

Hi Everyone,

just wanted some advice from people who have been in the same position. 

Was diagnosed with pcos about 5/6 years ago after periods completely stopped for over a year. Didn’t really get  any advice from my GP at the time was just told it might affect conception in the future but cross that bridge when you come to it kind of thing. Was put back on the pill to regulate periods which it did and everything was fine.

Anyway, came off pill in June, had my withdrawal bleed and a normal period a month later so thought everything was fine. Didn’t come on next month, got excited thinking I had fallen already but a pile of negative tests proved me wrong. That cycle ended up being 94 days and I’m now on cycle day 74 again no signs of a period yet. 

Have been back to my doctors twice and feel like I’ve been fobbed off. Was sent for another internal scan only to be told not sure why you’ve been sent here as all I’m going to do is confirm Pcos. Was told to push GP for more tests/and or medication. All my GP is keep waiting...... he doesn’t give me a straight answer as to how long I need to keep waiting before I get any kind of help with ttc or even if there Is anything he can do to help.

Ive given up using ovulation tests as I dont even know when to test when my cycle is this long, I was showing positive ovulation results when I had a “normal cycle” 

how am I supposed to track anything?!?

Someone tell me I’m not alone it’s driving me mad and I feel like everyone around me is pregnant 

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