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Referred to recurrent miscarriage clinic


I've finally, after an argument with my gp, got my referral to the recurrent miscarriage unit. I wondered whether anyone else was going through this?

I've had 3 early losses. It seems like I can't carry past 6 weeks. I think it's my progesterone but my doctor keeps saying it's not going to be that. Pretty frustrating as it makes sense.

Just losing confidence with my doctors and the NHS.


  • Hi Neevie,

    I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this so many times. I’ve only had 1 loss myself from a Missed Miscarriage found at my scan, baby had died at 10 weeks. I’ve been ttc ever since but having no luck. 

    My GP checked my progesterone after 6 months of trying and it showed I wasnt ovulating. I had a progesterone level on less than 1. I have been referred to a fertility specialist so dont have a massive amount of info for you, sorry. 

    Pop along to the TTC after a miscarriage group where we all chat and hopefully someone there will have more info for you 


  • Hi Rach.

    Sorry for your loss. My first was a missed mc by far the worst as you think everything is going well. I was nearly 8 weeks when I found out. I'll have a look at that forum, thank you.

    I really hope you get your rainbow baby soon xxx

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