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Miscarriage and Infertility

Hey ,

I am 32 yr old trying to concieve.

I suffered miscarriage in Nov-16 and its been more than a year we are trying to concieve but no results.

I was diagnosed of PCOS in 2015 but got my periods back on track(not sure if its increased now)

In UK what is the procedure to get the checkups done - should i wait for NHS or can  go to private 


  • You should go to your Doctor who should refer you to the Gynecology team at the hospital for tests 

  • Hi Ana. I understand your frustrations with the NHS. To be honest, they haven't been able to be supportive throughout our process of trying to conceive and dealing with loss just as you have.

    Ultimately, we went private based on a verbal referral (not official referral from the NHS) from my GP whose friend has a clinic on Harley Street. He performs cycle tracking at an affordable price that was manageable for us and we've since done everything with him and his colleague who is a gynae. 

    I could not rely on the NHS for a variety of reasons. If you feel you can financially afford to go private, and I will say that the costs do grow and can be very expensive, then do so for your piece of mind.

    Also, I'm sorry for your loss and what you've experienced and hope the rest of your journey is a positive one. 

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