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Any ladies here had fertility issues after having a C-section?

Hi ladies. I’m new to this site. I just wanted to see if there is anyone else experiencing tro getting pregnant after having a C-section..  my husband and I both work full time and have 5 children together.  Our last was 5yrs ago and my only C-section due to not dilating!  Well for the past 3yrs we have been trying as we want one more and hoping for a son as we have 4 girls.  i temp and use ovulation sticks. 100% ovulate every month without fail. I have very regular periods. Every 28 days. but just can’t seem to get pregnant!  All our children were planned and conceived first try.  So I know the C-section has caused some issues. I had a HSG and dye done in 2017. Which showed normal apart from slower still through left tube.  So had everything flushed.  But still no success getting pregnant. is there anyone else experiencing this at all? xxx


  • Hi Michi watson,

    My story is very different to yours but do believe that it could be from having a section that we are struggling to conceive my body has not felt right since.

    With my son we caught on in the first month but now on cycle 5 of ttc our second child and having no luck at all, I have an appointment with the gynecologist in a few weeks due to pains i am having but hoping they can give me some answers.

    Lots of babydust to you hope you get that BFP soon


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