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HELP- fertility after a d&c

i wondefing if I can hear some of your stories as I have no idea 

im currently booked in for a d&c Saturday coming as I had a scan at 10 weeks and my baby sadly passed away at around 9 weeks as their weren’t a heart beat. Me and my partner are truest devastated as I’ve always wanted big family as this is my second miss carriage and we desperately want baby no.2 

ive read various things to say after a misscarriage you are extra fertile is this true? Some people have said you should wait until after your first period but then sow have said they Fell before then, I’m not on any contraception and I won’t go back on any either 

ladies who misscarried Or ladies who had a d&c how long did it take you to fall? Did you start trying as soon as the bleeding stopped? i feel like I’m going mad and just want some support of ladies who have been through it 


from one heart broken mummy 

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