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Anxiously awaiting results.

hi ladies,

Me and my partner have been ttc number 1 for 2 years (well just short of 2 months) and so far nothing, not even a late peirod. So we’ve recently been referred to a fertility clinic. 

i have changed doctors so me and oh are under the same gp and they are brilliant. She seemed surprised that nothing had happened yet, which obviously didnt help my already anxious mind. Oh has a super analysis done which reported everything was normal, high volume (gives us a laugh every time we dtd now!) but nothing abnormal. She took a history of me, my period comes every 29 days on the dot, can time it normally, I get ovulation pain and egg white cm on days 13,14 &15, And I get positive opks during those days too and we dtd before during and after. We’ve used preseed, we’ve done smep and I’ve bbt. Still NOTHING! With that she asked if ilshe could refer us to the infertility clinic. 

Is it possible I don’t ovulate yet get all the symptoms? Am I doing something wrong. I have to wait until April to get answers and know my 21 & day 1 blood results. 

If anyone has had a similar experience or  has any advice to ease my babyless Brain id love to read it. 

Thank you for reading. 



  • Hi Laulau18

    I had problems conceving although I did have some fertility issues.  My main problem I felt though is that I stress alot. Once we  changed a few things in our lives I fell pregnant and it stuck. Not sure if this could be the cause for you also. It will be good to see a fertility specialist even though waiting is very hard. It sounds like you are ovulating when you go and see specialist make sure you give them all info re ovulating period the colour even if you think it's too much info they would like to know. I am a private person so it was a bit confronting on the questions asked!!  

    Also if friends and family know you are ttc it may add to the problem with all the information overload. 

    Sorry I don't have great advice, just never give up and stay positive (easier said than done). 

  • Thank you so much Sugargum,

    ive felt the stress hasnt helped, both myself and my partner Work in the same profession and our jobs are fairly stressful and as much as we try to not bring work Home with us I’m pretty sure we do. 

    Oh im the same Id hate if anyone I know as on here and worked out I am who I am As it’s easy to share things such as ovulation etc to a screen. ive been tracking since the beginning so I’ll take my notes with me. It’s so frustrating knowing I am ovulating, know ohs spearm is ok yet nothing. 

    I feel bad for pretending I don’t want a baby when others ask when it’s gunna happen but it’s easier to say “oh not yet” rather then “we’re trying but nothings happening“ followed by pitiful looks. 

    I try my hardest to be postive doesn’t help that my pmt isn’t a lot of help. 

    thank You again glad you got Your happy ever after. 


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