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32 ttc with pcos, fibroids, extreme clotting, etc Long post and graphic picture


I came across this website and it seemed to have a lot of active women on here.  I’m 32 and do have one child already and she’s 12. I was part of another forum years ago but it’s basically a ghost town. So here I am with you all😃

my fiancé and I have been ttc for a bit now.  I feel as though my clock is ticking.  He’s 22. he has stated he is fine with no children of his own.   But I want him to experience it and he loves children.  

anyhow,  I’ve had Irregular periods all my life. I could go 3 months not have one then have one and skip 2 months.  But during that part of my life I was under severe stress.  I can say my stress level ona scale of 1 to 5 daily is a 1 or Non at all.  As I’m finally at peace and happy in my life.  

I was as told by dr I have pcos. I’ve not been in a few years as I had given up hopes of having another till I met my fiancé. 

My periods have have been heavy and contain lumps of blood sometimes golfball sized.  It will be dark red but when touched bright red.  I wasn’t suppose to start my period my app I use called flo says till this Saturday.  As I’m going out of town this tueaday and thought awesome timing my trip will be almost over.  

Rewind to two Nights ago.  I go to pee and have a tinge of pinkish blood.  I’m actually somewhat happy as I thought finally maybe its implanted finally. As my ovulation main day was jan 26.  So by my calculations I really thought that’s what it was.  Then yesterday I hurt worse and it got heavier.  Today is even worse I was in so much pain I had to take pain killers and each time I pee it’s huge clots coming out.  


So  im obviously not pregnant and my period has came 8 days early.  But I’ve never had an early one and my periods have been pretty regular since being with my fiancé. 

What at is the problem here?  Why am I clotting and hurting so badly.  My last period was Jan 4 through 10th.  Now I’ve been clotting for a few years but maybe 1 good sized each period and that’s it  

Ive done nothing Different. Except use preseed gel and take prenatal vitamins. Stress isn’t different.

obviosuly I need A doctor but there are issues with my insurance currently. So until I get them straightened out I was seeing if any other women have experienced such extreme clotting and what did your dr do about it. And also with pcos is clomid even an option for me. 

I know this post is long and I’m sorry.  im 32 you think i would have it together. But I have no friends but 1 and she’s never had these types of issues. shes what I call fertile myrtle lol.  


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