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Just one ovary polycystic help please

i Was told yesterday that my right ovary is polycystic I was sent for a scan because I often get painful ovukation - we have only been trying for 5 months and have have had one chemical pregnancy in that time.

the sonography didn’t want to talk but I have so many questions she just said you can still get pregnant 

so she told me I was ovulating at the time she’s was doing it from my left ovary . Which I was due to ovulate the following day by my phone app

but according to the test I take I ovulate exactly when I’m suppose to every month im like clock work and my periods are the same.  

So if I ovulate every month and have a period is everything working ? What does polycystic actually mean ? I’m so confused does it mean the egg I release can’t BE fertilized will I only have a chance of falling pregnant when I ovulate from my left

help please 


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  • thank you - the thing is I ovulate exactly when I’m meant to every month I have a 28 day cycle which is Iike clock work I’ve never been late . I show no signs of pcos?? could it be that I have it very minor? I’m thinking of having a private scan done to get a second opinon 

  • Awww thank you - it’s soo confusing isn’t it - I had bloods done the week before my scan  and was told if anything was wrong that I would be notified and I havnt Been and then I’ve had a scan since and she said my right ovary is polycystic - driving myself crazy as I can’t see the doctor for 2 weeks now and just want answers ... how do we no if were ovulating a mature egg ? 🙈 I defianly ovulate every month I pee on those sticks every morning and only ever get a positive one exactly when Im suppose too ... I can’t help

    but google everything and it keeps saying it’s rare to have to just ovary polycystic ?? 

    Im going to call my doctors and see if they have my blood results 

    thanks again 

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