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Positive and negative tests


hi all I could really do with some advice. 

I took LloydsPharmacy pregnancy test for past 3 morning and all come up with really faint positives but done a first response tonight and got a negative! I’m soo confused. Has this happened to anyone else and what was outcome as I thought first responce were reallu sensitive? Pic of lloydes test attached 


  • If it helps my daughter who is 17 yrs old she is going thru the same thing and idk about where you are but the drs where we are wont do anything until she has a positive test. which who knows by then she could be 6 months pregnant and they STILL may not believe her. 

    I am worried that IF she is and they aren't helping her then the baby is going to be not healthy and she hasnt got on the Vitamins because idk if i should put her on them or not

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