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Coming of microgen 30 pill?

Iv been of microgen 30 for nearly 3 months now and still no sign of my period , I had my withdraw bleed a few days after stopping but nothing of the natural period , I keep having cramps but it's hard to tell what they mean , is this normal ? 


  • Hi

    I have no personal experience on this but I have heard it varies from woman to woman how quick you return to normal after coming off contraception.

    I hope it doesn’t take much longer for you but if you are worried maybe see your gp or nurse?

    Sorry I’m not much help!

  • Hello 

    I'm new to this website and I'm looking for advise too, ive been of the microgynon for around 5 weeks now, I had the same withdrawal bleed after finishing my last pack as normal, I've had cramps but no further periods. how long should you wait until visiting the doctors?

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