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Clomid advice please

Hi Ladies,

Im new to all of this so please bare with if i dont understand the short hand answers.

We have been trying to concieve for nearly 3 years now. Last year i was told i had an underactive thyroid and PCOS. Started to see a fertility consultant. After a lot of bloods, scans and a HyCosy I have been put on Metformin (slow release as my body couldnt take normal) and Clomid. 

Started my first cycle of clomid at the beginning of the month, i currently on CD 12. We had a scan this morning to count follicles, apparently mine are 10mm but they should be 16mm with clomid when ovulating. My cycle is usually between 38 and 43 days long so im convinced they have scanned me too early. Going for bloods on day 21 and 28 before they will increase the dose of clomid.

I guess what id really like to know is if anyone else has a rather long cycle like myself, if they are also or have taken clomid is it the miracle drug many seem to think it is? and is there any advice on how i can use both metformin and clomid to my advanatage? 

my fertility nurse just tells us to "get together" which isnt as helpful as she thinks.

Thank You Xx


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