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4 reoccuring mcs 😔

Hi everyone. In need of some positive stories. I have 3 beautiful children who im so so greatful and blessed for ! My 1st two children i conceived without any problems. I then went onto have 3 reoccurring losses. Saw consulant was put on cyclogest when we got out positive. Went on to carry my 3rd with the help of cyclogest. Since having my youngest ive gone on to have 4 more losses. My recent being confirmed today! Ive had bloods and scans and all is ok. I have pcos. My consultant has said that he will prescribe cyclogest again along with baby asprin but its just catching sucsessfully and not losing before i get my prescription. Has anyone had 4+ mcs and gone on to have a sucsessful pregnancy? Heartbroken and loosing hope quickly!


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