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HELP! PCOS and Sympathetic Pregnancies

So long story - I have PCOS and was told conceiving may be difficult. The long time anxiety sufferer in me took this as ”you may never have kids” which terrified me. All I want is to be a mum so badly.

I’m single, but seeing someone in a very rocky long distance relationship. Recently my best friend has become engaged and found out she is 8 weeks pregnant. im beside myself with excitement for her. Im on the pill, but also take metformin.

My “partner” visited me on a weekend. The weekend prior, I was due for my period and to take the sugar pills. I took the sugar pills on Saturday and Sunday but decided to skip again and went back to normal pills for Monday. So the next weekend he visited and we had a fair bit of unprotected intercourse. It probably doesn’t matter, but we had sex on Sunday night and Monday morning I woke up and realized I had still had semen inside me (sorry for TMI!)

The day after he left (Monday morning) my best friend told me about her pregnancy. I was down about him leaving and jealous that she’s in a position to be trying to conceive etc. Since then (11 days ago) I’ve felt quite nauseous in the morning, and my boobs seemed to be bigger. I laughed and said it’s probably a sympathetic pregnancy since she’s been very sick! This morning I took a clear blue test (top one). It looked negative but I thought I could see a very very faint line, but thought maybe it was what I’ve since learnt is called an “indent line”.

When I got home from work it looked like the picture above. In panic I went to the store and bought more which are the bottom three. They look more negative, although the middle ones looks similar in certain light to how I thought this mornings looked. I’m quite panicked, and know that theres such thing as an “evap line” and that you’re meant to disregard result after 10 minutes.

I also texted my best friend with this dilemma and now I feel horrible. she hasn’t replied and I’m terrified she might think I tried to “out do” her pregnancy. So my two questions are: do you think the top one is an evap line? Do you think the middle shows anything at all? And am I horrible person? How do I make it up to my friend because I feel terrible? :‘( 



ps. I have one left to take tomorrow morning. Please help. 

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