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Evap line or?

My story is quite confusing. I miscarried July 28 2017 after a cycle induced by provera. I went to doctor appt after appt to figure something out & a diff doctor put me on provera again.  I had a cycle January 28th thruh the 4th of February. I didn't track ovulation, just went by an app and hoped for the best.. I had intercourse the 12th so today would mark 2 weeks. I tested last night & a lijne didn't show up right away. I looked at it this morning and there's a faint line. 

I didn't know if it would be an evap line because the part you pee on was still wet?? Anokther test I took didn't show anything. 

Do y'all think there's any chance or is it an evap line??image

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