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Periods getting further apart

Hi everyone,

My partner and I decided to start TTC in May this year. I have been taking conception vitamins to get ready, but over the last 6-9 months my periods have been changing. I am 33 and I have always had a 28 day cycle, with a very predictable period. Right now it has been 34 days since my last period. There are small signs it is on its way, like cramping and dark spotting, but it's still not here. I am definitely not pregnant though. 

I'm getting increasingly worried about my fertility-before I have even started to 'try' and get pregnant. I just wonder if this means my fertility is decreasing and I know worrying doesn't help...but I just want to get pregnant and have my baby now.

Anyone experiencing anything similar?


  • Periods are annoying and will hold off because of stress, changes and many other things. If you're worried definitely go to the doctor, otherwise keep track and see if it changes very drastically. 

    Mine never were regular to start with and I have a 6 month old at the moment, and am TTC number 2. So don't worry about your fertility too much, it can happen. :) 

  • Thanks!

    Would you believe, my period came about 15 minutes after I posted!

    M cycle definitely seems to have become 34 days apart on average now, which I don't like because it was always 28 days...but really have been stressed with work lately! It's good to have a place to vent because I think my partner is already demented with me! 

    I'm trying to relax because we're not officially starting until May, but I'm already frazzled!

    Good luck with baby number 2! :)

  • Thank you! 

    And good luck when you start trying! 

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