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Hi I'm new

I have so many questions I have the IUD removed about 2 and 1/2 weeks ago I am trying for my third I've doing test since then they've all been negative besides the past few days and I didn't know if I'm ovulating or I'm about to I'm going upload some pics hopefully someone can give me an answer image


  • when you do an ovulation test, the test line should be darker than the control line - so these tests are all negative.

    Just keep taking a test every day, and wait until you have 2 really dark lines. Also, it can take ages for your body to get back to normal after having the IUD removed, so might take a while for that positive ovulation test. 

    Try downloading an app to track your periods and ovulation - they really help. (I use Flo)

  • Thanks for your help I did get a positive last month and this month Im just afraid if I'm able to become pregnant again from the IUD I always had cyst I had surgery one because of them I haventh started my period yet so I have my fingers crossed

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