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Does anyone else with PCOS feel like this?


After a trying to get pregnant for nearly 2 years and having no luck, a number of blood tests are now saying it is likely PCOS. 

I am currently underweight rather than being overweight, my hair growth is quite rapid and my periods are all over the place!

I am finding that when it is 28 days after a previous period, however long or short it was, instead of another period starting I get about 2 weeks of feeling terrible! Tender breasts on and off, nauseous feelings but nothing too extreme, lots of cramps in my lower tummy, back and hips. I also find that after about 1.5 weeks of this, I feel very very tense in myself as if I have a pressure building up in me, adding to the bad moods, which usually results in me having a mini breakdown where my husband isn't sure how to stop the tears. Sometimes once this is over I will, without warning, about a week later get a period then other times nothing happens. I had a 60 day gap between cycles last time! 

I currently have no motivation to do anything (my house is becoming a skip!) and seem to be in a bad mood an awful lot....

Does anyone else with PCOS get similar feelings? No one else I really know has had it to discuss.

Thank you :)


  • Hello I’m 20 with PCOS been trying for a baby for about a year and I get this exactly the same apart from the fact I get my period once every 5-6 months but take ovulation and blood tests regularly. its so frustrating when you think something is happening and then suddenly just start bleeding or even worse when it comes back negative and nothing happens!!! I undestand how annoying this is. Don’t think anyone understands unless they have it themselves how hard and awful it is to live with. Xx

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