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Chemical pregnancy! Can someone give me some hope!!!

Hi Guys,

I’m 20 and ttc (young I know) we have been trying for around 3-4 months which I know isn’t long but last month I got a faint on a pregnancy test but my period came on time then this month I got positives on 5 pregnancy tests and then was late on my period and then today I’ve started bleeding and passing clots I’d be around 4-5 weeks. I’m heartbroken it just makes you feel so hopeless. I am going to go to the doctors but can anyone give me any advice into anything that I could take to improve my chances? I’m constantly looking on the internet and working myself up thinking it’s never going to to happen I just need some reassurance before I crack up!!

thanks xx


  • Hello, 

    I'm really sorry to hear that, i can only imagine how hard it has been :( 

    I am 23 and also ttc and in constant fear of miscarriages.

    From what i read a lot of early pregnancies end in miscarriage and there is literally nothing anyone could have done, but I also read that 85% of women go on to have healthy full term pregnancies afterwards. 

    Hope that helps x 

  • Thankyou it does help having some reassurance it’s horrible and because it’s been bank holiday all week I’ve not really been able to get an appointment so I’ve been left with my thoughts all week and I was right!

    I hope everything goes really well for you! Try not to worry about it and enjoy It because all I did was kept testing and the whole situation was just so stressful I guess if it’s gunna happen it will. I hope your little bean sticks I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you! Xxx

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