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Missed pills, bleeding, still feel pregnant

So this is my first post. Wondering about anyone else's experience. I have been on a low hormone pill for 2 months now. Went to visit my bf (long distance) at the beginning of my second pill week. Kept forgetting to take them and then would take 2 every other day trying to make up. I stopped taking them on Saturday when I got home and was about to start week 3 but decided to wait because of the confusion and wanted to start a fresh pack. I usually start bleeding 2 days after the last pill. This time it took almost a week and was pretty heavy the first 2 days then 2 more days of light spotting . I usually have a 6 day period but not this time. I took a couple of the cheap dollar store tests, all negative. The past few days have had every txt book pregnancy symptom. I started a new pill pack 2 days ago but wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? Were you pregnant? 

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