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Anybody else like me? TTC for 10 months and nothing!

Hello.  I'm new!

I used other forums when ttc my first born between 2003-2006. I had a don in 2006 and a daughter 13 months later. So I'm hoping some of you lovely people may be able to help me. 

We've been trying for a baby for 10 months and nothing.  I have 2 kids and my partner has 2 kids too but together, we're not getting there.  We do the deed regularly, both healthy etc etc.  I'm 39 and he's 40. Anybody else struggle at our ripe old age? 

Thank you x


  • Hey I'm with you on this one we are ttc for 9 months too and nothing yet. Periods coming on are the worst for me it's really messing with my head!!

  • Hi babyw... i had my first son at 32... I suffered 2 miscarriages before him but with all 3 pregnancies we had fallen pregnant the first month of trying So I was hoping for a similarly fast conception this time round. I am now 35 & it took us 8 months to conceive... which is still not bad considering experts say healthy couples can take up to a year. So I do think age affects things a little... but clearly it’s still possible! & I’m now 10weeks pregnant with twins! 

    Good luck and keep at it! You’ll get there! ☺️

  • It took me 18 months to conceive my son i eventually had him at 24 then fell pregnant again when he was 8 months old 🙈 

    are You taking folic acid that’s recommend for when ttc xxx

  • I'm taking a B vitamin supplement from Boots everyday. Did you use tracking methods or just try and have sex as much as poss at anytime?? I keep being told I just need to let it happen but that seems impossible now I know what my changes in cycle are throughout the month!!

  • The dr told us to have sex 2-3 times a week so there’s always a supply of sperm and to throw the ovulation sticks away and relax and it happened that month he’s now 13 months old 

  • We have ttc for 10 months had a mc in Feb. We went to the docs and are having bloods done to check ovulation and his sperm 

  • I have 3 children already. Me and hubby have been trying for 18 months for another baby. I have only ovulated twice in 18 months and both times I fell pregnant and miscarried. His semen analysis is fine and I'm now waiting for a laparoscopy to check things out. If my tubes are clear I am starting on clomid the following cycle. I would advise if you get to 12 months then visit your gp. They will do monthly bloods on CD 21 to check for ovulation and possibly refer you to a fertility specialist as they have done with me. Oh and i also use cheap ovulation prediction strips twice a day throughout my cycle and chart the results. Good luck xx

  • Hi everyone, 

    Im new to this, my partner suggested it might help to get some support online from women in my position as i keep telling him he doesnt understand... Im TTC for about 8 months now and nothing. My 2 best friends have been caught pregnant without trying and im trying really hard to keep it all together but this month my period came 2 days late. 

    I am never late and i allowed myself to get my hopes up until yesterday, that dreaded toilet break that ruined my mood. 

    Its killing me every month to the point where i have thought about stopping trying even though i dont want to because of what im doing to myself. Im an emotional wreck every month, and that 2 week wait is driving me up the wall. 

    I have stopped drinking and smoking and am eating all of the right foods, cut down on sugar (chocolate and cakes, fizzy drinks) Dont drink caffine mainly water, getting warm baths, even making sure my feet are constantly warm because apparently, cold feet can lead to a cold uterus. Still nothing.

    I am obviously so happy for my friends but they dont know how to be around me when they talk about it which i understand but makes it worse a little bit because i feel like i need to make them feel better for feeling bad how wierd is that. 

    Any advise would be amazing. Or just to talk. 


  • My advice would be to stop trying and it will happen I was trying 18 months then stopped trying and happened that month 

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