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How do you stay positive?

im 28 and have being ttc since October 2016 just starting To have tests done which is already stressful and then find out that our best friends have got pregnant after their first month of trying obviously we are over the moon for them but I just can’t seem to help feeling upset that’s its still not happened for us ! Anyone else in the same situation? How do you stay positive? x


  • Hi Georgie,

    i am in the same boat. Been TTC for over 14 months. Had tests and not looking promising. All my friends have children. 

    I’m 36 in August. Just losing the will to live at the moment. It’s so upsetting. Trying to stay positive but I dont know what to do. Only just joined here today so hoping to get some advice and hear some success stories. 

  • Hi Both

    I'm also 28 and have been ttc since July 2015. Tests revealed that I only have half of my uterus (unicornuate uterus) Dr' s say it is still possible to get pregnant naturally but nothing! We have had 3 cycles of IUI all of which failed so have recently started the process of IVF! 

    I find that you need to focus on what You do have: a great relationship, nieces and nephews, good friends, comfortable life etc and enjoy doing things with your other half that might be harder when you have a little one! I do find myself feeling bad for my husband though because none of the issues are down to him so I'm the one stopping us getting what We want but he is nothing other than supportive and obviously doesn't blame me!

    Appreciate what you do have now because it will all be worth it (hopefully) in the end and then we'll have even more to enjoy!

  • Ladies please let me give u hope xx I myself have an 11 year old son. I conceived him naturally and needed a c section.  Now fast forward 12 years  and i am 39 and new partner and we had been ttc for 2 years and nothing. We had all fertility tests and told my partners sperm count really low (less than 2 million) and poor motility. To top it off I have a Unicornate Uterus which no one picked up on with my first pregnancy. We were told ICSI IVF  was our only option due to my age, and partners count. We were due to look at clinics last week but I had to cancel because WE FELL PREGNANT!!!! NATURALLY XXX so despite all odds against us it's happened. I will be monitored throughout due to half a womb and my age, and have an early scan tomorrow but as for the Unicornate uterus hun u carried my now 11 year old full term and he was a massive 8lb 12 ounce which shows nature likes to prove doctors wrong on occasion xx XXX I hope this gives u ladies hope xxx

  • Thank you for you reply. That is fantastic to hear and miracles really do happen. 

    I’m 36 in august, everyone around me has fallen pregnant and I’m just really losing all hope. 

    from my progesterone and FSH tests its bad news. I have low egg reserve and I don’t ovulate. 

    i have a regular cycle but I have been using ovulation kit and even on my ”ovulation“ week I’m not ovulating at all. 

    Has anyone been told the same and still been successful?

    we are not elibible for IVF on the NHS as my partner has already fathered 2 children in his previous relationship. 

  • Blondie I'm sure u can get medication for that ovulation called  Clomid.they told me my egg reserve was getting lower due to my age. But like I always said have faith because u only need one good egg and one good  sperm  xxx just because the odds seem stacked against u doesn't mean its' impossible. It seemed once I got my head around the test results and knowing I needed ivf that we stopped "trying" and boom I fell pregnant 🤣🤣🤣 xxx so please the best advice I have is be positive not negative and don't "try". Xxxx

  • Hi Susie,

    Thank you. my doctor told me because my BMI is high he wants me to lose weight before he would give me anything. He wanted to know we were serious about having a child - is he for real? I could have punched him!!! Ha 

    Im trying to stay as positive as I can and the main thing is not to give up. 


  • Hi hope you don’t mind me jumping in here. I am 29 and been ttc #1 for two Years. Partner has children from previous marriage and vasectomy reversal about 6 years ago. AF got me today and I am really struggling and losing hope I will ever be a mum. My sister and best friend have both had babies whilst I have been trying which makes it harder. Just don’t know what to do next!  :-( 

  • Hi all. I'm 28 and have been the #1 since October 2016. Af got me today. I had my blood test results back yesterday which showed no ovulation last month. Got more blood tests again this month to check to see if it was a one off. It is such a difficult time. We got married last year so are constantly asked when we will have a family. It crushes me every time. I currently have 7 friends that are pregnant, all due in September or October this year so I know at that time I will really struggle as well. So hard emotionally. I try to stay positive but with each month find it harder and harder. It just feels such a cruel world when it is all we long for in our life now xx

  • I just avoid people. :I They seem to ask a lot of questions which I don't have answers to.

  • Hi 

    I totally understand how you feel. Me and my husband have tired for about 2/3 years, my best friend found out she was pregnant and I was gutted but happy for them ..a year or later we found out we were pregnant just before we were going on our honeymoon July last year we were over the moon so excited then my husband brother found out him and his gf were pregnant. Long story short we ended up having a miscarriage the day after I had just been to midwife.

    It hit us hard but ever give up ..we havent.. We bought conceive plus yesterday so we are going to see how that goes and have a health kick. 

    It will happen.when it happens don't give up x

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