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Have I miscarried?

This is the first time I have written on a site like this.  I really hope someone can help.

I have had regular cycles and came off the pill November last year. Me and my husband have been actively trying. My period was due Thursday 26th April. I am always on time. It didn't come so took a clear blue digital test and it said Pregnant 1-2 weeks.  Was over the moon but a bit sceptical as I was still having very light brown discharge and slight cramping on both the left and right hand side. So the feelings of a period but no red blood at all.

My husband said as we had another digital test and I did it in the afternoon on Thursday so could have been diluted I should do another one this morning.  I did and it said "not pregnant" ?? Now I am totally confused because I haven't had my period, haven't had any bleeding at all?? I still have cramps but not too bad and I still have a bit of brown discharge but looks like old blood. It's not thick though or got clots in it.

I am reading things like chemical pregnancy but I haven't had the blood?? I cannot get to my doctors until 10th May as I am away on holiday so feel a bit lost as to what to do.  Any advice would be brilliant if anyone has been  through something similar... thanks   xxx

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